The Institut fuer Holztechnologie gemeinnuetzige GmbH (IHD) is obliged by the Whistleblower Protection Directive of the European Union ((EU) 2019 / 1937, (EU) 2020 / 1503) to ensure better protection for whistleblowers and to set up a reporting centre where whistleblowers are protected from professional reprisals.

To ensure compliance with these regulations and principles, you can use the IHD whistleblower system to report possible violations and misconduct to the internal reporting office quickly, easily and, above all, securely and anonymously.

Your information will be processed as quickly as possible. Feedback will be filed in the appropriate place in the reporting system and can be viewed by you there.

If you do not wish to report your information anonymously, you can also contact employees who are professionally qualified to deal with your concern directly in the event of a compliance violation without using the whistleblower portal.

Every report is carefully investigated, whereby the presumption of innocence always applies to reported persons, which can only be lifted once the facts of the case have been successfully clarified.

We have introduced the hintcatcher digital whistleblowing system for communication with the internal reporting centre. This ensures that you can submit your reports completely anonymously. This is not only possible internally, but from any location. The Works Council and the Data Protection Officer were involved in the introduction of the reporting system.

Please use the following link to submit your report:

You can use the whistleblowing system to specify the date and time of the possible offence and add file attachments.
Your incoming message will then be received by our internal reporting centre and you will receive confirmation of receipt of the message within the hintcatcher portal.

You will receive randomly generated access data from the whistleblowing system to your individual, case-related mailbox in order to communicate anonymously with our internal reporting centre.

You will receive confirmation of receipt of the report within 7 days. The report will be reviewed and within 3 months you will receive notification of the outcome of the review and any measures taken.

Depending on the offence and the report, the measures may include contacting the persons concerned or other parties involved in the environment. If misconduct is detected, the internal reporting office can provide appropriate instructions for action.

In addition to the internal reporting system, you can also contact the federal government's external reporting centre at

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