Project reports

The central field of the activities of the IHD is the application-oriented research and development in almost all areas of the raw material wood, its processing into wood-based materials and finished products as well as their refinement.

Please inform yourself about the completed research projects of our institute.

Projects 2022


"Molecular-biological field diagnostics of fungal pathogens on wood based on isothermal PCR methods using homogeneous colour detection" Project leader: Kordula Jacobs

"Complexed natural substances as substitutes for synthetic biocides in the field of in-can preservation" Project leader: Katharina Plaschkies

"Quality and assessment programme for outdoor decking of wood - EURODECK" Project leader: Dr. Wolfram Scheiding


"Wood-cement-hybrid systems for wall elements in timber building construction" Project leader: Martin Direske

"Lightweight laminar plastic composite panel for use as a vehicle windscreen" Project leader: Marco Mäbert

"Modular wall/ceiling elements based on wood with an integrated heating and cooling function and rear insulation" Project leader: Tino Schulz

"Development of a short-term method to determine the long-term creep behaviour of WPC on the basis of the temperature-time analogy" Project leader: Andreas Weber

"Glue from protein to make low-formaldehyde wood-based materials" Project leader: Andreas Weber



"Fast-curing, organic-based polyurethane bonding agents" Project leader: Dr. Andreas Fischer

"Flame-retardant PUR binders for clearcoat applications" Project leader: Dr. Andreas Fischer

"Development of hydrophobic beech wood scantlings for construction elements in outdoor use (windows and doors)" Project leader: Dr. Christiane Swaboda

"Development of adhesives for solid-wood panels, based on protein-containing residues" Project leader: Dr. Almut Wiltner


"Wood-based materials in mechanical engineering" Project leader: Jens Gecks

"Acoustically effective origami folding structures of customisable room geometry based on wood/textile composites" Project leader: Heiko Kühne

"Development of methods for the load-pathcompliant design of textile-reinforced veneer ply composites" Project leader: Rodger Scheffler

"Development of an adhesive-based joining solution for framed formwork systems" Project leader: Rodger Scheffler

"Fibre-optical monitoring of engineered timber components" Project leader: Jens Wiedemann

"Textiles meet physics - The application of physical phenomena in textile structures for safety and effciency" Project leader: Jens Wiedemann



"Host-guest complexes of cyclic oligosaccharides and phosphorous compounds as novel flame retardants for aqueous wood coatings" Project leader: Dr. Lars Passauer

"Process development for the measurement of the thermal deformation behaviour of floor coverings" Project leader: Petra Schulz

"Durable powder coatings for thermo-mechanically modified wood substrates made from native wood species" Project leader: Petra Schulz


"bioxXprint - The bio-foam printer for graded structures" Project leader: Oliver Bumbel

"Structural lightweight construction of hardwood composite elements for the industrial manufacture of sustainable functional furniture"  Project leader: Kevin Schlunze

"A bathroom for everyone - Development of adaptable equipment for the domestic bathroom" Project leader: Susanne Trabandt

Projects 2021


"MykoCont – Novel, multifunctional mushroom substrate container for the noble mushroom production" Project leader: Dr. Wolfram Scheiding

"Virtual experiments for wooden artwork – VirtEx" Project leader: Dr. Wolfram Scheiding


"Lightweight plaster with lignocellulose additives and reinforcement fibres as a regenerative, environmentally compatible substitute for petrochemical and synthetic materials" Project leader: Martin Direske and Dr. Klaus Hoffmann

"Combination drying for the energy and timeefficient as well as material-saving drying of cement-bonded particleboards" Project leader: Martin Direske


"Development of a method for measuring the smoke volume accumulating when testing the reaction-to-fire behaviour of floor coverings" Project leader: Christine Kniest and Petra Schulz


"Continuous 3D concrete printing of overhang structures with reusable support materials" Project leader: Paul Blankenstein and Ronny Lang

"Delopment of the method of partial compression of wood-fibre material boards for their mechanical performance enhancement" Project leader: Ronny Lang


"Methods to avoid contaminant emissions from PCP/DDT-contaminated timber by plasma treatment" Project leader: Dr. Martin Fischer

"Formulations of PUR hotmelt adhesives with increased polar content for the permanent bonding of materials of different properties" Project leader: Prof. Dr. habil. Mario Beyer and Dr. habil. Bernd Morgenstern

"Development of a NIR-based method for the rapid prognosis of the weather resistance of wood coatings in outdoor use" Projekt leader: Dr. Jana Peters

Projects 2020


"Development of an insulating material based on maize cobs (MaiD II) – Feasibility stage" Project leader: Dr. Wolfram Scheiding

"Property profile and scope of application of fast-growing breeding products (hybrid larch) in the wood-processing industry" Prject leader: Prof. Björn Weiß

"More than just insulation – Added benefit in insulating materials made from regenerative source materials" Project leader: Dr. Wolfram Scheiding

"Development of mould-inhibiting additives for the film-packaging of potting soils" Project leader: Katharina Plaschkies

"Development of a differentiating system to determine material-damaging moulds" Project leader: Katharina Plaschkies


"Flame-retardant fibre materials equipped with ecological fire-retardants" Project leader: Prof. Dr. Detlef Krug

"Development of packaging applications with laminar materials of fibre-reinforced biobased thermoplastics" Project leader: Tino Schulz

"The use of montan-wax-containing additives in the manufacture of wood-based materials from alternative resource materials" Project leader: Prof. Dr. Detlef Krug

"Antimicrobial secondary metabolites from Actinobacteria for the protection of material" Project leader: Kordula Jacobs


"Development of a wooden front door with integrated protection against floods and heavy rainfall" Project leader: Rodger Scheffler


"Infrared-reflecting surfaces for improved room comfort at reduced heating energy" Project leader: Dr. Tobias Meißner

"Digitally printed décors on surfaces of wood-polymer composites for outdoor application" Project leader: Petra Schulz

"Development of a walk-on test independent of test persons to evaluate the electrostatic charging of floor coverings" Project leader: Petra Schulz


"Novel coating systems with a permanently antistatic effect for application on resilient and laminate floor coverings" Project leader: Dr. Jana Peters


"Development of novel acoustic panels with perforation variable in shape and size by applying laser technology" Project leader: Oliver Bumbel

"Development of an integral, generatively manufacturable suspension system for seating furniture" Project leader: Oliver Bumble

"Development of floor constructions with improved properties to mitigate consequences after falls" Project leader: Ronny Lang

Projects 2019


"Development of Highly Flexible Processing Technologies for the Production of Novel, Functionalised Landfill Replacement Materials (Boden 2)" Project leader: Natalie Rangno

"Protection of Wood Surfaces from Microbial Discolouration by Silicone Resins and Oils" Project leader: Dr. Wolfram Scheidung


"Mechanical Behaviour of Single and Paired Fibres and Fibre Bundles in Medium Density Fibreboards" Project leader: Dr. Christoph Wenderdel

"Development of a Novel 1-C White Glue System for Emission-free Moisture-resistant Surface Bonding for the Production of Three-layer Solid Wood Panels" Project leader: Andreas Weber

"Investigations into the Defibration, Sifting and Gluing of Waste Paper in the Dry Process for the Production of MDF" Project leader: Tino Schulz

"Development of a Special Waste Paper Pulping Method and a Dry-glue Process for Waste Paper Fibres for the Production of Cardboard in the Dry Process" Project leader: Tino Schulz

"Development of the Technological and Material basis for Additive Manufacturing Processes with a Wood Content of 90 % and More" Project leader: Henry Burkhardt


"Copper Complexes as Wood Preservatives" Project leader: Dr. Andreas Fischer

"Investigations into the Cross-linking Behaviour of Modified Starches for Use as Binders for Wood-based Materials" Project leader: Dr. Almut Wiltner

"Development of Processes and Additive Combinations for the Production of VOC -minimised Fibreboards" Project leader: Dr. Martin Fischer

"Novel Iron Complex Dryers as a Harmless Alternative to Cobalt Siccatives" Project leader: Dr. Christiane Swaboda

"Development of a Process for Weather-resistant Coating of Wood Composites and Wood Fibre Composites" Project leader: Dr. Jana Peters

"Structured Parquet Surfaces with Improved Resistance to Construction Chemicals and Cleaning Agents" Project leader: Dr. Andreas Fischer


"Novel, Plywood-based, Dimensionally Stable Formwork Panels for Use in Visually Demanding Exposed Concrete Surfaces" Project leader: Dirk Hohlfeld


"Improvement of the Adhesive Strength of Bonded Decorative Elements on Radiationcuring Finish Lacquers" Project leader: Petra Schulz

"Novel Light Protection Formulations for Wood Surfaces Based on Heartwood Extractives" Project leader: Dr. Lars Passauer

"Development of a Practical Castor Chair Test for Floating MMF and Laminate Floor Coverings" Project leader: Petra Schulz


"3D Printing of Wood-based Support Material for Integration into Generative Concrete Manufacturing Processes" Project leader: Julia Kaufhold

"Development of a Method to Analyse the Use of Furniture by Heavyweight Persons" Project leader: Linda Geißler



Projects 2018

Projects 2018:

Technical Approach to Avoid Biogenic Pollution in Church Organs
Project leader: Katharina Plaschkies

Transglutaminase-crosslinked Proteins as Binders for Wood-based Materials
Project leader: Dr. Detlef Krug

Development of Corrugated Structures Made of Ultra Thin MDF for Use in Lightweight Constructions and Packaging
Project leader: Dr. Christoph Wenderdel

Substitution of Synthetic Binders with Crosslinkable Vegetable Oils for Use on Cellulosic Substrates
Project leader: Dr. Christiane Swaboda

Heavy-duty, Textile-reinforced Panel-shaped Wood-based Materials for Warehousing Purposes
Project leader: Dirk Hohlfeld

Continuous Veneer Impregnation
Project leader: Dr. Melanie Horbens

Development of a Plane Motion, Humidity and Temperature Sensing System with an Emergency Call Function, for Integration into FurnitureDesigns – Sensor Padding
Project leader: Lars Blüthgen

Load-bearing Vacuum-insulated Components with Foam Glass Support Core for Various Applications (VIsus 3D)
Project leader: Jens Wiedemann

Encapsulated Synthetic Fungicides for Optimising Efficacy and Minimising Allergy Potential in Paints and Varnishes
Project leader: Dr. Florian Kettner

Joint Project Chemnitz Plus – Development of Demand-oriented Living Space Concepts in Universal Design
Project leader: Susanne Trabandt

Virtualisation in the Innovation Process for Design-based Consumer Goods Made of Flexible Materials
Project leader: Matthias Weinert

Development of a Method for the Early Detection of the Weather-related Failure of Plastic Coatings
Project leader: Dr. Lars Passauer

Evaluation of Extractor and Convection Hoods in Home Kitchens
Project leader: Martina Broege, Matthias Weinert

Projects 2017

UV-LED curable Coating Systems
Project leader: Prof. Dr. Mario Beyer

Plasma-based Surface Modifications of Wood and Wood-Plastic Composites and the Application of Electromagnetic Fields to Such Materials
Project leader: Dr. Rico Emmler

ALL ON EDGE - Development of Test Methods for Edges and Rims of Furniture
Project leader: Dr. Rico Emmler, Petra Schulz

Development of a Middle Layer and a Manufacturing Method for Lignocellulose Lightweight Panels with an Expansion Middle Layer of Laminated Veneer Strips
Project leader: Dirk Hohlfeld

Biomolecular Diagnostics of Wood and Woodbased Products
Project leader: Kordula Jacobs

Screening-test Method for the Reaction to Fire Performance of Wood-based Products
Project leader: Christine Kniest

Development of Wood Fibre Based Thermal Insulation Materials with Chromium-free Leather Shavings as a Wood Fibre Substitute
Project leader: Dr. Detlef Krug

IVHF-based Development of Wood-based Materials of an Optimised Density Profile
Project leader: Dr. Detlef Krug

Development of Permanently Fire-retardant Products of Spruce for construcTIon and Facade Elements
Project leader: Dr. Martin Fischer

Development of Fire-retardant 2C-PUR High-gloss Clear Coatings for High-grade Indoor Applications
Project leader: Dr. Lars Passauer

Development of Biobased Flame Retardants Based on P and N-functionalised Polyoses for the Fire Protection of Wood and Wood-based Materials
Project leader: Dr. Lars Passauer

Development of Alternative Substrates for the Cultivated Fungi Production from Renewable Resources and Residual Matter (PAS)
Project leader: Natalie Rangno

Through-drying and Cross-linking Method for Well Impregnable Timbers (Pine, Beech) Treated with Novel Highly Reactive Oils
Project leader: Dr. Christine Swaboda

Investigations of the Material Use of the Fibrous By-products from the Organosolv Process with the Aim to Manufacture Thin Fibreboards and Thick-walled Moulded Parts
Project leader: Tino Schulz

Development of a Plywood on the Basis of Formaldehyde-free Inorganic Bonding Agents
Project leader: Dr. Christoph Wenderdel

Metal-ion Cross-linked Modified Wheat Protein as Alternative Adhesive System - ProteoGlue
Project leader: Dr. Almut Wiltner

Manufacture of Low-formaldehyde Wood-based Materials by Applying Urea - UreaAdd
Project leader: Dr. Almut Wiltner

Projects 2016

Chemical Reactions of Wood Particles with Oleochemicals Reactants as a Basis for New Biobased Polymeric Materials
Project leader: Dr. Martin Fischer

Hygrothermal Vacuum-pressure Modification Procedure for Timber
Project leader: Dr. Wolfram Scheiding

Investigations on the Creeping Behaviour of Wood-Polymer Composites (WPC)
Project leader: Andreas Weber

Development of a New Technology for the Manufacture of Cement-bonded Particleboard of Adjustable Density Profiles
Project leader: Dr. Christoph Wenderdel

EUROPARQUET - Fundament for Uniform Assessement Procedures for Surface and Adhesive Quality, as well as Improvement of Climate Resistance of Parquet Floors
Project leader: Dr. Rico Emmler, Malgorzata Anna Adamska-Reiche

Jointing Solutions for the Toolless Assembly of Furniture Corpuses and Additional Assemblies for Non-Domestic Use
Project leader: Tony Gauser

Nursing-care Armchair for Immobile Persons
Project leader: Linda Geißler

Principle Investigations on the Heat-transfer Processes in Seating Superstructures Aiming at Improving the Behaviour of Heating-up and Cooling-down
Project leader: Andreas Gelhard

Methods for Finely Processing 3D Surfaces of Solid Wood (Blast Abrasion)
Project leader: Christine Kniest

Additive Manufacturing Methods on the Basis of Wood-based Materials (3D Printing)
Project leader: Jens Wiedemann

Tomographic Imaging System for the Non-destructive Quality Assessment of Trunk Wood Based on Ultrasonic and Radar Methods (UltraLog)
Project leader: Lars Blüthgen

Numerical an Physical Test Method to Prove the Load-reducing Properties of a Floor in the Event of a Fall
Project leader: Stefan Schmidt