This area at our institute deals with test method and product development. Apart from the classical products of the woodworking and wood-processing industries, its members of staff also include issues relating to the areas of automotive and light-weight engineering in their fields of activity.

Lars Bluethgen

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) 

Lars Bluethgen

Head of Departement · Wall, floor, ceiling and facade systems · WBP in transport · Mechanical testing · Scaffoldings and formworks

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Moisture, heat and sound protection

Apart from well-established methods, new test and evaluation concepts are elaborated within the scope of our activities.

  • Development of methods of permanent moisture monitoring in structures
  • Investigation of new materials and structural solutions applying well-known approaches (e.g., determination of the heat permeation resistance using guarded hot plate apparatuses)
  • Thermographic examinations
  • Computer-aided examinations to investigate technical parameters with relevance to moisture and heat protectio
acoustic camera
acoustic camera

Light weight construction and composite materials

There are manifold approaches towards mass reduction in structural parts. It is possible to use light-weight materials, to work out structural designs or to combine both.

  • Elaboration of structural designs aiming at reducing mass
  • Development of structural parts by means of an application-optimised mix of materials, thus improving their ecological footprint

Components for means of transport

Since the 1950s, our members of staff have been dealing with issues around automotive engineering. Their tasks cover items from the development of automotive components down to their testing and evaluation.

  • Use of well-established or, if required, also development of application-oriented test and evaluation concepts for automotive components (base plates for rail vehicles, wall structures for caravans, etc.)
  • Examinations of the mechanically and, if applicable, climatically impacted aging behaviour of glued joints

Scaffolding and formwork

Thanks to our longstanding cooperation with formwork and scaffolding system manufacturers and their suppliers, we have gained sound knowledge of the market and are able to provide optimal assistance in solving problems at hand. Within the scope of our work, we carry out developments and examinations with a view to the following products:

  • Formwork panels
  • Walkways for raised work and storage areas
  • Formwork supports

Windows, doors and facades

This area deals with application-driven and development-related topics within the scope of co-funded projects and research services during development. Its range covers the following subjects and takes a close look at all materials applied in the manufacture of windows and doors:

  • Improvement of product properties as well as properties of use, mechanical properties and durability, burglary prevention, heat and moisture protection properties, hygrothermal properties, technical properties of ventilation
  • Development of test methods and of required test equipment
  • Structural optimisation based on damage analyses
  • Application of novel framing materials (TMT, WPC)
  • Development of new products meeting specific requirements

These services are supplemented by closely cooperating with the test laboratory for windows and doors at the Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH (EPH).

Services Physics

  • Literature and proprietary right research
  • Preparation of workplans
  • Testing during development
  • Appraisal of data obtained in our work for publication purposes
  • Preparation of damage analyses and expert opinions
  • Design of structural parts
  • Support in building demonstrators
  • Tutorship for apprentices
  • Project coordination
  • Project planning for training courses

Technical equipment

  • Quasistatic testing machines
  • Dynamic testing machines
  • Devices to determine heat permeation resistance
  • Thermal camera
  • Microphone arrays (acoustic camera)
  • Standard hammer mills for walking noise and footfall noise examination
  • Facilities for concreting tests to evaluate formwork panels
  • Test station for the permanent operation of windows and doors
  • Differential climate chambers
  • Test station for examining burglary prevention and mechanical strength
  • Usability test station for testing windows, doors and façade components
  • U-value test station/hot box
  • FEM/CFD and design software