Wicker beach chair or sauna?

11. June 2021

The Torsten and Thomas Sauer brothers had the idea to combine the wicker beach chair with the sauna, which saw the emergence of the first “korbsauna” (wicker sauna) worldwide.

The wellness duo of the korbsauna is based on a simple principle: in its open state it is a wicker beach chair; when it is closed, it is a sauna. It is already available for testing in the North Sea spa of Büsum.

“The people I told about our korbsauna where immediately carried away by the idea”, says Torsten Sauer, graduated engineer and trained carpenter by vocation, living in Lübeck today. The man for the chair’s technical inner workings is his brother Thomas, building planner and engineer. They jointly founded the Korbsauna GmbH in November 2018. For their jump into their new self-employed subsistence, the brothers received much support from the Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden (IHD) that had a major share in the development.

The korbsauna having a footprint of 2 m² and measuring 1.75 m in height, which can be entered and exited through a side door, is operated in its sauna mode by a 230 V oven. For two, it takes no time to convert it from a beach basket into a sauna.

Being long-lasting, ecological and fully reusable – this is the korbsauna – outside hard, inside smart.

Contact at the IHD:
Lars Blüthgen