The IHD has now become member of the Saxon Wood Preservation Association (Sächsischer Holzschutzverband)

26. June 2020

This year, the IHD has become an official member as a company of the Saxon Wood Preservation Association (Sächsischer Holzschutzverband e.V. (

The Institute and the Association have been liaised in fruitful cooperation for quite long. The various laboratories of the IHD have pursued wood-protective investigations as well as biological and chemical analyses for many years, mainly by assignment through experts organized in the Association. Thereby, the focus is on identifying harmful organisms by applying classical (microscopy) und molecular biological methods (DNA analytic) and wood preservative analytics. Also, the Saxon Wood Preservation Association regularly invites IHD experts as guest speakers at its annual wood preservation conferences. In addition, Professor Björn Weiß, is a member of the scientific staff in the Biology/Wood Preservation Department and is the chairman of the advisory council of the association, and, last but not least the associations offices are located on the premises of the IHD.

As regards wood preservation, the institute is active on a national level, too. So, for example, the IHD is represented in the DIN standardization committees of “Wood Preservation” and “Durability of Wood and Wood-based Products” as well as in the expert committee of Wood Perservation, which Has been organizing the “Deutsche Holzschutztagung” (German Wood Preservation Conference), whereas the latest two event in 2016 and 2019 were hosted in Dresden at the IHD.