New technical possibilities in the fire test lab – test chamber to determine optical smoke density and toxicity

10. June 2021

Both the occurrence and the aftermath of a fire are influenced by a variety of interdependent factors. Thereby, the formation of smoke is one of the first indications of fire.

Also, smoke is a hazard that is not to be underestimated. Hence, it is important that, when assessing the fire behaviour of materials, also the smoke behaviour should be taken into account, apart from important parameters, such as flammability. Since this year’s second quarter, the IHD has been able to perform specific single-chamber testing to investigate the smoke behaviour of various materials. The Smoke Chamber made by the Wazau GmbH and available for such testing allows to determine the optical smoke density acc. to EN ISO 5659-2. In addition to irradiances of 25 kW/m² and 50 kW/m²as required by the standard, even any other irradiance strength ranging from 1 kW/m² to 50 kW/m² can be used for research purposes. Another benefit on top is its optional pairing with an FT-IR for analysing flue gases. This permits to measure the concentration of selected elements in the flue gas to assess toxicity in the event of a fire or of fire as it emerges.

Contact at the IHD:
Petra Schulz

Robert Piatkowiak