IHD receives funding for research project on timber construction monitoring

07. December 2022

© Sächsischen Staatsministerium für Regionalentwicklung

On December 6, 2022, Saxony's Minister of State for Regional Development Thomas Schmidt presented Professor Steffen Tobisch (IHD) with a grant of 198,000 euros for the simul⁺ model project "Timber Construction Monitoring" during a consultation of the Saxon Timber Construction Competence Center.

With the funds provided, the Free State of Saxony is supporting research into the online monitoring of load-bearing timber structures, so that more buildings in Saxony are built with native wood. The aim of the project is the development of innovative and practical monitoring concepts for buildings in timber construction. The IHD works with this project under the umbrella of the Saxon Timber Construction Initiative of the State Ministry for Regional Development.

"In the Free State of Saxony, we have many excellent players in timber construction research who will work together here and pool their expertise. The use of monitoring systems for the condition of buildings makes building with wood safer and also more sustainable. Such systems are now being developed by the Institute of Wood Technology and the project partners involved," said State Minister Thomas Schmidt.

In the model project, the IHD scientists are researching the use of sensor technology for the early detection and prevention of building damage to wooden structures. A particular focus is on the parameter of moisture, for example the early detection of leaking roofs or water pipes. Since wooden constructions in buildings are often not visible, they can be monitored using suitable technology. To safeguard the building's functions, the researchers are also looking at the temperature and deformation of components and connections. The findings of the research project are intended to contribute to practical, economical and digital monitoring of the building's condition - from the planning stage through construction and throughout its entire service life. The IHD concept provides for a direct embedding of the monitoring concepts in planning and building management software (e.g. Building Information Modeling applications, in short: BIM)

The project is funded as a model project of the simul⁺InnovationHub of the Saxon State Ministry for Regional Development. In addition to the project management by the IHD, the Chair of Structural Engineering of the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (Prof. Alexander Stahr) and N&P Software GmbH from Dresden are involved in the implementation of the project. Finally, the developed systems will be tested in construction projects of the state-owned enterprise Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement.

Contact at the IHD:
Mr. Lars Blüthgen