HotSpot test method - IT CAN BE HOT

12. August 2022

HotSpot Test Device

Resilient floor coverings with click connections can deform when exposed to partial heat from above, such as from solar radiation. None of the applicable normative test methods can currently correctly reflect this behavior.

The type of heat exposure, the size of the test specimens, the disregard of the influence of fasteners or installation underlays lead to deviating results. A research project completed in June of this year was dedicated to the development of a new test method in which these points were taken into account. The result is two test devices in which the floor coverings to be tested are subjected to heat (HotSpot) from above on a partial surface. The resulting deformations can be measured by sensors. A threshold value allows differentiation into thermally rather stable or non-stable floor qualities. The test fixtures differ in size, because the test area to be laid is either over 4 m² (see picture) or only approx. 0.4 m². For the small test area, a technical solution is available as a table version.