Development of functionalized chitosans for use in coating formulations

21. September 2023

Table is lacquered, a crab stands on the table

The use of bio-based polymers is now no longer just a trend, but is becoming a necessity in times of dwindling petroleum-based resources and the drive to achieve climate neutrality.

Current developments in the field of coating systems are therefore also increasingly focused on the use of bio-based polymers on the one hand and on the realization or improvement of certain functionalities on the other. One biopolymer of interest for use in coatings is chitosan. It is obtained by deacetylation of chitin, the second most abundant biological compound in nature. Chitin is found in numerous species of fungi and insects, but especially in aquatic crustaceans such as crabs and shrimp.

The aim of a recently launched research project at IHD is to functionalize the biopolymer chitosan with inorganic and organic components and incorporate them into film-forming coating formulations. Coatings produced in this way are expected to be characterized by, for example, antimicrobial and fire-retardant properties for use on wood-based materials.

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