Cyclic carbonates as crosslinkers for biobased feedstocks

31. May 2023

Research project VerCyCa

For a successful and competitive application of bio-based adhesive systems in the wood-based panel industry, reactive, preferably water-soluble crosslinkers are required, which also cure thermally with more complex raw materials and without splitting off by-products.

The recently launched VerCyCa research project is investigating the use of polyfunctional cyclic carbonates as crosslinkers for low-molecular-weight raw materials. Both the carbonates and the raw materials to be crosslinked are bio-based. The reactivity of the polyfunctional, cyclic carbonates is adjusted by their structure (residue R). The residue R also influences the solubility of the carbonates. For use in aqueous systems, the solubility is made possible, if necessary, by the preparation of prepolymers. Low-molecular raw materials are crosslinked, which have different nucleophilicity due to the free reactive groups.

At the end of the project, findings are available on the reactivity of the carbonates as a function of their structure with different reactive groups, as well as reactive adhesive systems for direct application in the wood-based panel industry. The bonding strength and thus the use in the wood-based materials industry will be determined on the basis of mechanical-physical characteristic values.

Contact partner for the project:
Dr. Almut Wiltner