New Thermodesorption Gas Chromatography Combination at the IHD

06. April 2021

Thanks to support by the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour (SMWA), the IHD was recently able to expand its fleet of analytical equipment by a thermodesorption gas chromatography combination with a mass spectrometric detector (TDS-GC-MS).

On the one hand, the new device increases the throughput of sampling in analysing volatile organic compounds (VOC) due to shorter cycle times and analysis interlacing and, on the other, cost-intensive liquid-nitrogen cooling is omitted due to an enhanced and more flexible design of the cold trap architecture with Peltier cooling. “The new acquisition enables us to structure our testing more effectively and to apply a higher degree in sensitivity, which in turn will give a boost to our research, of course”, says Professor Mario Beyer, Head of Department Chemistry/Environment at the IHD.

More flexible applications in research based on the freely selectable combination of adsorption beds and cold trap fillings as well as the possibility of retrieving already desorbed room-air samples for method optimisation are further benefits that come with the new device.

Contact at the IHD:
Enrico Zoennchen (Phone: +49 351 4662 217,